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Akeem Davis Making Connections At USO Center

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Like any professional athlete, Redskins safety Akeem Davis has a PR consultant. His name is Doug Eldridge, who works for DLE Agency.

Davis has been able to attend some events in the past with Eldridge in Washington, D.C., including back in May for a trip to the USO Metro Warrior and Family Center, a popular spot for Redskins players to visit.

This week, their connection extended. Except that this time it was through a picture on a phone.

Eldridge was back at the USO Metro Warrior and Family Center on Wednesday and ran into a USO volunteer. The world became slightly smaller after their encounter. This is his account on Instagram.

"Cool Moment This Week...On Wednesday, we were at the @usometrodc Warrior & Family Center for a troop visit with @teamusa Olympian @tuckerwest1. While looking at framed @nfl jerseys along the wall, a USO volunteer (retired Coast Guard) asked me if we worked with any @redskins. I smiled and said yes, @realakeemdavis. Her face lit up, she whipped out her phone, and immediately pulled up a photo she took with AD at Training Camp, in Richmond.

"She said he was her favorite player and told a great story about him giving her his glove at the end of the week. It was only later that she learned he gave her one glove (instead of the pair) because he'd broken his hand, got surgery and 4 pins--but never missed any practice--had a cast, and was only wearing one glove.

"'He's a great player and a really nice guy. He's so polite and humble. I really want him to succeed.' All I could do was smile, nod, and say 'yes ma'am, me too.' It was one of those surreal moments where you think: 1. Sometimes a small world gets even smaller 2. First impressions matter 3. Character counts."

Posing for a selfie with a player can often be a silly vanity experiment. This time it turned into a small moment of joy...that turned into another picture. 




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