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Alfred Morris Continues To Treat His 'Bentley' With Care

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At this point, it might be antithetical to the entire enterprise of owning a Mazda from 1991 that you take it through an electrical car wash.

Such is probably the logic for running back Alfred Morris, who posted a photo on Instagram scrubbing down his car, "The Bentley," with sponge and hose.

"You have to take care of the one you love. If you don't someone else will lol #but4realthough," he captioned.

If you don't know the full backstory of why he drives around a car that, let's just say, doesn't match his bank account, then you can catch up here.

Mazda did later upgrade the car to modern vehicle requirements and capabilities, though the outside doesn't necessarily suggest it.

That's really the charm. Morris still uses stick-shift so it makes sense he would prefer to clean it with his hands, too.

Nothing like a little hard work, grit and sweat somewhere that's not a football field. 




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