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An Investigation Of Kirk Cousins' Social Media, Before And After His Pro Bowl Selection


Monday provided quarterback Trent Williams some good news. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers pulled out from playing in this week's Pro Bowl, meaning Cousins, an alternate, would be added to the roster instead.

This is the first Pro Bowl for Cousins, who will pack his bags and head down to Orlando, Fla., later this week to share some time soaking up the sun with his teammate Trent Williams and engage in the festivities surrounding the annual All-Star game.

What all of this really means is that Cousins finally has something to do. Specifically, he finally has a chance to play football again, an activity he has seemed to dearly miss this past week. How do we know this?

Cousins normally tweets or posts to Instagram sparingly, and when he does, his posts are usually ties to a sponsorship or advertisement – think Virginia Auto and Tire or Hello Fresh meals. But for the past several days, Cousins has been posting something unsponsored each day, providing a window into how he's trying to combat the offseason blues, and how his mood shifted following the realization he'd be playing some football on Sunday afterall. Let's take a look.

Pre-Pro Bowl Announcement:

Cousins started the daily posting last weekend with an image of a Cinnamon Pebbles cereal box. Now, we know from the past that Cousins is a big cereal lover, specifically a Pebbles lover. His sister even shipped him a couple of boxes from Michigan at the beginning of the season for his birthday. Cinnamon Pebbles is actually a new brand, which prompted Cousins to break his silence. "Always wondered when this was going to happen. Pretty happy about it."

Always wondered when this was going to happen. Pretty happy about it

A post shared by Kirk Cousins (@kirk.cousins) on

* *

He followed that up with a simple photo outside of Sephora, waiting on his wife, Julie, who was busy perfume shopping on Saturday. This was understandable in that Cousins is alone in his thoughts, realizing that he could be studying game film to prepare for the NFC Championship game. This is also a good thing, in that sitting on a mall bench in January will motivate him to never want to do such a thing for a long time.

Later that day the two of them caught a flick at AMC Theaters. As he determined which size popcorn and drink to purchase, he realized that no matter which he ultimately decided upon, the sizes would never actually be smaller than gargantuan. Guesses on the movie? I'm going to say "Patriots Day," for the mere reason that the movie's director, Peter Berg, already screened his previous film, "Deepwater Horizon," for the team during training camp. Plus, he does use #Merica as a hashtag in his caption.

There was a lot of speculation about Cousins' Instagram post the next day, when he shared a photo of his view inside the Georgia Dome watching Matt Ryan and Rodgers battle to go to the Super Bowl. "Watching two of the best in the world do what they do & taking notes to make it to this game next year -score a lot of points!" Considering Atlanta's offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is in line to take over head coaching duties for the 49ers, pundits and reporters have floated the possibilities of a reunion with Cousins, who is an unrestricted free agent. That would likely be reading too much into Cousins' potential negotating intentions here, considering he just loves watching football and observing the best in the league.

The next day, Cousins realized that another football event was taking place this week – The Senior Bowl – and this reminded him of his own trio of workouts from 2012. "It's Senior Bowl Week! Combine & Pro Days get more attention, but Senior Bowl was, by far, the most memorable, stressful, impactful experience of the pre-draft process." Quite the praise. Nostalgia is often a symptom of boredom, but it's also fair to say Cousins wanted to lend some more legitimacy to the Senior Bowl process.

Post-Pro Bowl Announcement

Several hours later, once Cousins found he would be attending the Pro Bowl, he celebrated with his dog Bentley by giving him a bath and blow-drying him. "Julie's getting this guy ready for the Pro Bowl with a bath and blow-dry!" I suppose if his dog makes the trip to Florida, he should come looking his best. Still, that's a long way to drive just so Bentley can watch Cousins play for a quarter. I suppose a happy dog means a happy Kirk.

Julie's getting this guy ready for the Pro Bowl with a bath and blow-dry!

A post shared by Kirk Cousins (@kirk.cousins) on

With the full gravity of the Pro Bowl announcement upon him, Cousins felt compelled to share a photo hanging on a wall of men eating lunch on top of a skyscraper's metal beam. "I see this photo everywhere and still can't believe it actually happened..."Lunch atop a Skyscraper." This post in on par with his 52 oz. cup photo, but it also seems as though Cousins is more inspired here. Suddenly, trivial grievances are replaced by trivial wonders.

This is what happens when you get selected to your first Pro Bowl. Soak it up, Kirk.

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