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Anthony Lanier And Doug Williams Go Way Back


After a football game during his sophomore season at Alabama A&M, one he simply dubbed as "pretty good," Anthony Lanier II was approached by the coach of the opposing team.

That coach was Doug Williams, former Redskin quarterback and Super Bowl XXII MVP. Williams saw something in Lanier, and sought him out to give praise after the game.

"I told him that I had seen better players than him," said Williams. "I've seen faster players, and bigger players, and that was true. But I also told him on the field after the game, 'I've never really seen a player quite like you.'"

Fast forward to April 30th and the conclusion of the NFL Draft. Lanier did not hear his name called out by Roger Goodell, a celebrity guest or a lucky fan. Despite being a little deflated after not being selected, Lanier said that his phone started ringing off the hook, quickly changing his attitude.

"Teams just started calling me left and right. It was crazy man," he said. "My agent was holding a bidding war with like nine teams."

Some of those interested teams included the Chargers, Falcons, Raiders, Cowboys and obviously the Redskins.

When the defensive lineman answered the call from Washington, he heard a familiar voice on the other end, that of Doug Williams.

Williams currently serves as Personnel Executive with the Redskins, and made the phone call to Lanier to let him know that the team was interested. Hearing that familiar voice on the line was all it took for Lanier to commit.

"When Doug Williams and Washington called," Lanier said, "it was a no-brainer."




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