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As He Enjoys The Offseason, Kirk Cousins Is Ready To Read


Quarterback Trent Williams is a man of many interests.

After finally catching his breath following a wild final minute of play in the Pro Bowl, in which the quarterback threw an interception and then chased cornerback Aquib Talib for nearly 60 yards to strip him of the football before he reached the end zone, Cousins started reflecting on what the next month of the offseason will be like.

With a chance to relax for more than a couple of weeks, Cousins will head back to Atlanta with his in-laws after a pit stop in Houston during Super Bowl week. There he will rest and, when he gets bored, start training again.

He will also be doing a lot of reading.

When I caught up with Cousins prior to the 2016 season, he had mentioned his love for reading and the big stack of books that sits on his desk throughout the year. He tries to go through the foot-high pile and put each text he's finished reading on a nearby shelf in his office. "Inevitably, it keeps filling up," he said.

Cousins has an affinity for reading non-fiction and biographies, the "true stories," he said, and after the Pro Bowl, he mentioned a few more he's hoping to tackle in the next month.

The quarterback just finished "The American Miracle," by Michael Medved that was "really good," he said, and is currently paging his way through "Twelve Ordinary Men," by John McArthur, a book about the 12 disciples.

Once he finishes that, he's looking forward to a book called "Grit: Passion, Perseverance, and the Science of Success," by Angela Duckworth.

"It's all about how people who ended up becoming the best of the best at what they do, it's not necessarily talent, it's the fact that they have the trait of grit," Cousins said, "and it kind of goes into what that is and why it makes a difference.

"I'm interested to read it and hopefully develop a little more grit going forward."

 Now is your chance, too. Kirk Cousins book club, anyone?

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