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As The Sage Veteran, Kedric Golston Is Noticing Change In Redskins


Based off what he's seen so far in training camp, nose tackle Kedric Golston is excited about what's to come for the Redskins this season.

Evidently, the Washington Redskins were so jacked up for their first padded practice on Saturday that they broke one of the tackling sleds with ease.

Nose tackle Kedric Golston's has a good idea who did it.

"I think [Chris] Baker broke it, but it was a collective effort," Golston said with a smile. "We've been trying to get it out of here since the spring, and it finally just gave up. I guess the heat got the best of it, but they'll throw those bolts back in and it'll be ready for Monday."

The logistics portion of training camp has gone very well according to Golston. The fact that the coaches didn't just throw the pads on the players right off the bat and say, "Go!" served them well on Saturday, as the team inches ever so closer to their first preseason action.

"Oh, it was good," Golston said. "We had the two-day acclimation period, so to be able to come out here and put the pads on and get 'em popping is what we enjoy doing, and we're just trying to get better each and every day, preparing to go down to Atlanta and win a football game."

There's a definite "Groundhog Day" effect that takes over the players during training camp, which isn't necessarily a bad thing if each individual player handles it the right way.

Golston calls the training camp process a "grind," but it's something he believes is a necessary part of the team's growth, if they're to continue to get closer and get better as a result.

"I mean it's training camp, so it's a grind in the sense of this next week coming up will be the only time we'll have full contact day in and day out because then we start playing games, the preseason games and then the season starts," Golston said. "This right here from a physical standpoint is just grinding day in and day out is the hardest part of the football season. Take out the games, and the physicality, and the soreness, and that and banging every single day, but it's what we all enjoy doing, and it's a necessary part of football, and if you don't do it you won't be prepared for the season."

With this being his 11th season with the Redskins, Golston has definitely earned his stripes within the organization. He's seen his fair share of good and bad over his decade-plus with Washington, but he's noticing something special brewing with this team, and that has him excited.

"Obviously I've been here a while, so this is all I know, and I care about this team, and the fans, and the community," Golston said. "So I feel we're doing things the right way and working in the right direction so it's a blessing to be a part of that."

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