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Barry Cofield In Search Of His Second Ring

Barry Cofield is a goal-oriented individual.

The Redskins nose tackle made it clear in his media session after the team's Saturday-morning training camp practice that he has one primary objective as he hits the field for his ninth NFL season:

Redskins Park Ashburn, VA June 20, 2013

Win another Super Bowl title.

Cofield, a member of the 2007 Super Bowl champion New York Giants, said anything beyond that – namely individual accomplishments and accolades – aren't on his wish list.

"I'm not interested in ranking myself," Cofield said when asked where he ranked among the league's best nose tackles. "I just want to help the team win and I want to be the starting nose tackle for the Super Bowl champions. That's my main goal."

Cofield said he'd rather turn his individual play into better opportunities for other players on the defense, like middle linebackers Perry Riley Jr. and Keenan Robinson.

"I'd be happy if Perry Riley and Keenan Robinson went to the Pro Bowl instead of myself and they just buy my something – just a gift to give me a little recognition," Cofield said with a smile. "Realistically, it's not about rankings."

Cofield, a perennial team captain, said he's happy to be a little bit more under the radar compared to this time last season, when much of the national attention was focused on quarterback Robert Griffin III's rehab from major knee surgery, among other items throughout the season.

"It's definitely about football right now. It's definitely about football and that's it," he said. "We're not in the headlines. I don't see us on the *SportsCenter *ticker at the bottom every day. It's a good feeling to just be focused on football, focused on getting better and only fielding questions about players and their activities on the field."

Don't get Cofield wrong, however. He knows that getting national attention isn't necessarily always a bad thing.

"We want to play to a level where there are expectations and we do cause a buzz," he said. "So right now we're enjoying the being under the radar, being the underdog, but hopefully by the end of the year we are the opening story on SportsCenter."

Looking at the Redskins' defense, Cofield said he's excited about what's returning in 2014, as well as the players the team was able to add in the offseason.

One of those players, defensive end Jason Hatcher, earned his first Pro Bowl selection last season after leading the Dallas Cowboys with 11 sacks.

"Hatch was one of the best acquisitions we've made since I've been here," Cofield said. "He has a real unique skillset and I think that's what our defense this year makes it, you know, better than the years past. It's really going to utilize everybody's strengths. Everybody's skillsets will be optimized, so a guy like Hatch is going to be rushing, getting up the field."

After finishing 3-13 last season – the year after capturing the NFC East Division title – Cofield said he feels the Redskins have the talent to get back in the playoffs, where all takes is a well-timed hot streak to be the team planning a victory parade in February.

"We reference that for encouragement, and we also learn from the bad plays – every bad snap, all the bad stats, all the rankings," Cofield said of the 2013 season. "You definitely use that to fuel your fire. As much as you want to look forward, you want to use last year. Not live off last year, not rely on last year, just use it to be a plus going forward and I think we're doing a great job of that."




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