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Best Of 'Redskins Late Night': Adam Hayward On Preparing Venison


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If you ever need someone to show you how to make some tasty venison, Washington Redskins linebacker Adam Hayward is your guy.

During an episode of "Redskins Late Night," Hayward, Larry Michael, Voice of the Redskins, and host Chris Paul got on the topic of preparing venison.

Hayward explained his signature recipe, which can really get the taste buds tingling.

"Honestly what I do is, I take the backstraps and I probably soak them in either like milk or I'll soak them in some sort of soda, and then mojo, that sauce mojo," he began. "Then, the next day, I'll add a few things, little secrets that my wife loves. She loves when I throw some stuff in there. Then I'll go cook them on the grill. I can cook in that aspect, but other than that, I can't. If it's wild game or something, I'm the man."

He also prefers his meat organic.

"I get my own meat, because then I know it's been eating grass and all that wild stuff [and] it's not been pumped with all this extra stuff," he said. "So I know personally that I'm getting good meat."

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