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Best Of 'Redskins Late Night': Andre Roberts Hasn't Tried His Hometown Delicacy



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Maybe this isn't entirely shocking, but Redskins wide receiver Andre Roberts, born in Alaska, raised in South Carolina, has never tasted liver pudding. Can you blame him?

Apparently "Redskins Late Night" host Chris Paul can.

Liver pudding is a standard hometown meal in South Carolina, though standard probably doesn't mean the same thing it used to.

"I've never had liver pudding," Roberts said. "I love my South Carolina background. I love where I'm from. But I will never say that I've had liver pudding."

Liver pudding, as defined by Paul, is the "best part of the leftover pig." It's essentially the same definition as scrapple, which is a fried breakfast side served with eggs and toast.

The names don't sound too appetizing. But, I'll admit, as an eater of scrapple, Roberts is missing out.

Your move, Andre.

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