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Best Of 'Redskins Late Night': Jason Hatcher's Free Time Activities

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Yoga isn't just for the petite.

Six-foot-6, 329-pound defensive end Jason Hatcher is among those who enjoy getting into the downward-facing dog and locust positions.

"I like to go to Bikram yoga, it's like hot yoga, 90 minutes," Hatcher said on "Redskins Late Night" about some of his favorite free time activities. "I like to play golf [and] just lay back and spend time with the family. I'm kinda a weird, simple type dude. I don't really do a whole lot."

In February, Hatcher, Robert Griffin III, Chris Neild and Akeem Davis did Bikram yoga together:

As far as golf, Hatcher tries to play whenever he can because it helps him, "get away from everything."

"You just worry about this little white ball," he said. "And it's a tough game. It'll keep your mind away from the stressful things you have in your life. So that's why I enjoy doing it."

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