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Beyond The Sidelines: Christa recently caught up with First Lady Christa, a four-year veteran who works in the fitness industry and loves to travel.

* As you mentioned before, you are a fitness manger. When did fitness become something more in your life outside of just working out? *

Christa: "When I was a little girl, my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up I would say 'An exercise person!' I have always found fitness to be fun.  When I first went to college I didn't know what my major should be, but then I found out about Exercise Science and it was a perfect fit.  It was during those years that I realized that I could make this a career." What is it like to see people push themselves to be healthier and become stronger and more fit?

Christa: "It is the most rewarding feeling when my clients or students in my classes lift heavier, or do that extra rep when the sweat is dripping down their face. Knowing that my motivation is pushing them always brings a smile to my face." What are some of your hobbies away from work and being with the Redskins?

Christa: "I love traveling! I love our calendar trips every year to experience another culture with my Washington Redskins Cheerleaders sisters, and I like to try and leave the country one other time per year. Recently I've been to Greece (for a former teammate's wedding in Santorini) and last year was a family heritage trip around Ireland. This year, I'll be taking a trip to Mallocra -- a Spanish island off of Barcelona.




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