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Beyond The Sidelines: Javai recently caught up with First Lady Javai, a rookie of the squad who works as a therapist at a school for emotionally and behaviorally troubled children along with cheering on the burgundy and gold. What is your career outside of WRC?

Javai:I currently work as a therapist at a school for emotionally and behaviorally troubled children. Wow, that sounds pretty intense!

Imagine a place where a kid is allowed to run around trees, can do schoolwork on a stability ball, breaks are encouraged, and my favorite item in my office is the game "Sorry."

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And yes, I go to work every day knowing I am going to beat one of my students at basketball, Uno or Connect Four! Starting to sound less intense, right?

As a Licensed Graduate Social Worker I work with students to help them discover the power they have over their choices, their ability to self-regulate, and help to teach them ways to cope and manage emotions.

Play is one of the avenues where treatment occurs. The end result is to help expand the student's capacity to learn in an educational setting, improve their relationships with others and to challenge them to discover how to take care of themselves.

Okay, I am sounding really serious and intense again. While it is a very demanding job it is beyond rewarding. My heart smiles when I see the children I work with make progress. I also get to work in various capacities providing education and therapy to the families of the children we serve. One of my biggest passions is helping to educate families, and helping to decrease stigma against mental health.

Moving forward with my passion, eventually I would like to utilize my knowledge to help people around the country integrate mental health hygiene into their everyday lives.

What does that look like? Well, I really don't know all the details yet. What I will say is that living a balanced life and helping others live a balanced purposeful life would be a large part of that. Think Oprah mashed with Dr. Phil, in my living room standing in tree pose.

First, I have to pass my second licensing exam and then I will get back to that dream!* * How do you prioritize your time among all that you have going on? (job, WRC, free time, family/friends, etc.)

Javai:BALANCE! Hmmmm. I would love to say that I have figured out the perfect way to balance it all, but I am still working towards that.

What I have learned is the word "no," the importance of rest and organizing my life with my calendar. I think being mindful or the just being present wherever I am also helps.

It would be easy to be thinking about what I have to do next, but that tends to take away from the experience of what I am actually doing now.

I have a huge family and lots of friends so there is always a family dinner somewhere, birthday, celebration or some event. I don't make every single event, and this is where sacrifice comes in.

By sacrificing this is where I digress; This is where I lose the importance of sleep.

Ultimately, being with the people you love is sometimes and almost always the better choice!

However being a WRC is not all about sacrifice and balance. I look at dancing as essential to my happiness. It has been fabricated into my identity and my soul. So pretty much I would evaporate into thin air without dance. 


Check out recent photos of Redskins Cheerleader Javai in her 2017 uniform! What is your proudest accomplishment in life so far?**

Javai:This is a hard question; I am most proud of the woman that I becoming!

I look at setbacks in my life and think of the times where I didn't give up and think "wow!"

I am tenacious, audacious, humble and strong. Some people don't know this, but I literally walked into Howard University with no appointment, and asked to speak to the Dean of Admissions.

My mom accompanied me after I boldly told her I was going to go up to Howard University, and I was going to get in.

I literally told the dean "why" she needed to grant me admission to Howard University.

I was 17 and determined to obtain my dream! At 6 years old I declared that I was going to Howard University, and I was not prepared to let that dream go! Go Bison!

WRC is also a part of that feeling. I was a three-year NBA veteran dancer who tried out for WRC three times!

I never gave up on my dream of hitting the field as a First Lady of Football! Hail yeah, I'm here!

I truly believe that you really see a person's character in times of adversity and challenge. More importantly during moments of adversity, I've learned to lean on my relationship with God, and my family and friends. At this point you might be thinking I am an outspoken person, but I am actually not. I am one of those people that are quiet, but will speak boldly when necessary. 




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