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Beyond The Sidelines: Kirsten On Cheerleading, School And Future


Get to know your Washington Redskins Cheerleaders beyond the sidelines! Today's cheerleader is Kirsten, who is also a nanny and a full-time student.

Hey everyone! I am Kirsten. Beyond the sidelines I am a nanny and a full-time student.

Our Washington Redskins Cheerleaders (WRC) practice schedule is super demanding, which can make it difficult for me to balance my school and work schedule as well.

Planning and writing down a specific schedule with time slots is very helpful for me.

Things don't always go the way you plan, of course, but it at least gives me guideline to follow. Additionally, my best friend Meag, who is also on the team, and I live close to each other.

We carpool to practice together which means a few extra minutes of studying in the car whenever she drives.

I have also learned that time management is key. I make sure to remind myself this type of schedule is only temporary but worth it!

I am currently in school as a Nursing Major in hopes to become a pediatric nurse.

I also have so much love and respect for the men and women who serve for our country. After going on a military tour this past month, I gained so much insight about the life of someone who is deployed. In the future, I would love to come up with a new way to honor those who fight for our freedom.

Being a nanny is hard work, but so much fun. I hope to have children one day and I like to joke that the three kids that I nanny are helping me to practice for motherhood. You have to work under a lot of pressure when taking care of toddlers. I have learned so much about myself because of being a nanny. Teaching children brings you back to the basics, and I have become a much more patient person because of it.

I truly believe kids teach us so much more than we teach them!




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