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Beyond The Sidelines: Maigan's Life Spent In Dance recently caught up with First Lady Maigan, a captain and former Pro Bowl cheerleader who is a lifelong dancer who now teaches as well. As a dance instructor, when did you decide you wanted to make this passion more of life's work?

Maigan: "I began dance classes when I was three. My parents put me in because they saw me dancing non-stop around the house. I danced my entire way through school and began professionally dancing after I graduated high school. I realized this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life at an early age. I remember being in middle school going over careers and knowing I wanted to make this passion my life's work. I began teaching right after high school and fell in love with the ability to share my knowledge and love for dance. I performed in Tennessee for three months as a member of the production CATS, I performed in numerous dance company performances and traveled to many cities in the U.S. with dance conventions assisting choreographers at conventions before auditioning for the Washington Redskins cheerleader!" Do you have a favorite memory from dancing and/or cheering over the years?

Maigan: "My favorite memories from dancing over the years are definitely when I would travel to L.A. and take classes at Millennium Dance Complex or assist classes at dance conventions. I loved that vibe I got from being in L.A. and the way the dancers consistently would give it their all every class. It instilled in me that every class could be your last and to 'leave it on the dance floor' and I learned most importantly that you are CONSTANTLY growing and learning.

My favorite memory from cheering over the years has been being able to dance with so many talented women. The energy we all bring to the table is contagious and I love being a part of it. Being selected as Pro Bowl Cheerleader and captain has been a surreal and exciting way for me to inspire those around me!" What are some of your hobbies away from work and being with the Redskins?

Maigan: "I love being active. If I'm not cheering or teaching dance I'm usually at the gym, fitness classes, hiking with my husband or just being active outdoors. I love the country side and being able to look around and check out nature and all it's wonderful features!" How do you balance a job and not only being a cheerleader, but a captain as well?

Maigan: "Time management is the most important thing as a leader on this team! We are expected to be present in so many places not just physically, but mentally. It's all about priorities for me, I make sure I am prepared for each responsibility the night before. I make sure to not overbook myself and to remember I am only one person. Although I say this, it's hard for me to NOT do 29,382,619 things at one time. We all have type A personalities and I think that's what makes us excel at being so busy and able to manage time so great!"




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