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Beyond The Sidelines: Tedi recently caught up with First Lady Tedi, a veteran of the squad who works in insurance and teaches dance along with cheering on the burgundy and gold. What do you do outside of cheering on the Redskins?

Tedi: "Outside of WRC, I work for State Farm Insurance on the corporate side in a consultative role. I have the pleasure of supporting a territory of insurance agents in Northern Virginia. Myself and my partners work to ensure that the insurance agents are as up-to-date as possible in the realms of technology rollouts and marketing techniques. Ultimately, my goal is for the agents to acquire and retain as much business as possible, while feeling empowered to use new tools and techniques to help them achieve success. 

"In addition, I also teach dance to youths on Monday nights at Westbriar Elementary School and Adrenaline Dance Studio in Northern Virginia. With dancers ranging from ages six to 40, I am able to see a wide variety of students improve their dance skills and performance confidence. I absolutely love teaching and choreographing, so I feel thankful to have this job within my schedule!" Who do you get your inspiration from and why?

Tedi: "The most inspirational people in my life are my parents. They are very generous, kind and open-minded. They are always wiling to go above and beyond for others. My dad is a business owner and is still motivated year after year to remain successful. He doesn't make excuses and does what he needs to do to reach his goals. I appreciate my dad's perspectives on problem solving and how he remains level-headed regarding stressful situations. My Mmom is extremely thoughtful, creative and patient. She puts a lot of thought and heart into the things she does, and she is always wanting to make others feel good. I appreciate how my mom looks at all sides of situations and puts a lot of time into forming opinions. She is always genuine, what you see is what you get!" What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Tedi: "In my spare time, I love relaxing, socializing and enjoying new experiences - sometimes all of those things happen at the same time! It makes me happy simply to enjoy my favorite TV shows on my couch, but it also makes me happy to go out on a crowded Saturday night! Anytime I have an opportunity to do something new or go somewhere new, I am in! Whether it is a new type of food or a new city visit, I fall in love with new things all of the time." What is your favorite musical artist?

Tedi: "Music for me is something that resonates feelings of fun and uplifting spirits within me. For that reason, I often love Top 40 music - upbeat trending music is typically blaring in my car! Anything electronic and fast makes me feel ready to dance." 




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