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Callahan Excited To Uphold Tradition Of Bugel And 'The Hogs'


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New Redskins offensive line coach Bill Callahan knows all about the vaunted Hogs of the 1980s, which means he's aware of the tradition he's recently inherited.

"Having coached down in Philadelphia in the mid-90s, I certainly understand the NFC East division rivalries that exist, and of course the traditions here, their influence – going back to Coach Allen, Coach Gibbs," Callahan told Larry Michael, Voice of the Redskins, on "Redskins Nation." "I used to come out to Carlisle [Penn.] in the mid-80s and watch Joe Bugel coach The Hogs. Yeah, it was great. What a great experience that was. Just watching those linemen develop. Now to be here, try to uphold that tradition. I'm really honored by that."

Bugel spent two stints with the Redskins in his career, the first developing an offensive line that helped lead the team to two Super Bowls. Back then, the line consisted of Russ Grimm, Joe Jacoby, Mark May, Jeff Bostic and George Starke, among a few others.

Nowadays, Callahan agrees it's not as easy to keep a core group of players together for a prolonged period of time.

"With free agency and the difficulty to hold on to your top players: that's unique," Callahan said. "Of course everybody needs to be paid these days. So, it's hard to keep those five together, especially the five they had here. They were tremendous."

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