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Camp Diary: Rookie Corner David Amerson


Each of the three Redskins rookie defensive backs will take turns writing a daily diary on To ask your question, tweet at them for next time.

Hey Redskins fans, just checking in again from Richmond with my third training camp diary entry.

Camp is going great so far and I'm excited to make my NFL game debut next week in the first preseason game. It will be my first taste of the action, but I intend to show you how hard we've worked.

What you won't see me do out on the field is relaxing, but that's a lot of what you guys want to know about me--what do I do when I'm chilling out?

People should know that I'm pretty much just laid back when I'm not on the gridiron. But at the same time, I'm a vicious competitor. I love to compete.

Whether it's video games, out here on the field or just being number one, I like to always be the best in everything I do.

Musically, when I'm chilling, I'm probably listening to Jay Z or J. Cole or Drake or something like that. I love music, but not everything. I'll be honest with you, I can't stand stuff like opera, rock, hard rock, I can't listen to stuff like that.

No, I don't like thrash metal. I don't even know what that is. I haven't watched TV or movies in weeks, but when I do, I really like gangster movies. I like mob movies, Italian movies, the classics. Scarface, Good Fellas; I like stuff like that.

I'd love to tell you there's a movie I'm dying to see right now, but I have no idea what's even in theaters right now.

When I was away over the five weeks before training camp, I went and saw that Kevin Hart movie. I like funny movies too. I've seen 42, the Jackie Robinson movie. That was about it.


If there's one celebrity I could meet and hang out with, it would be Lebron James. I'm a big LeBron fan--I love his game.

The nice thing about sports is that there is some crossover and somebody knows everybody. You never know, I may actually meet him someday. If it does happen, it does; if it doesn't, it doesn't.

What I do know is that if Lebron thinks he could play tight end or receiver in this league, I could definitely cover him and shut him down. His craft is basketball, our craft is football so I kind of like to take pride in it. Now could I dunk on him, 1-on-1? I don't know about that. I think I could score on him at least once, but I probably wouldn't be able to dunk on him.

My celebrity crush is Christina Milian. I don't know what she's up to these days, but I think she's a very beautiful girl.

Most guys on the team love their brands, and I'm Team Nike. I'm a shoe guy and I love my Jordans. I'm also big into Polo. I like some Louis Vuitton stuff when I'm dressing it up, things like that. I can get fresh when I want to.
I know that traveling for roadtrips is a time when you have to get dressed up. Look out for me fans--I'll be pretty clean.

What else do you want to know? Tweet at me (@DavidAmerson1) and I'll try to let you know for next time.

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