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Camp Diary: Rookie Safety Phillip Thomas


Each of the three Redskins rookie defensive backs will take turns writing a daily diary on To ask your question, tweet at them for next time.

Hey Redskins Nation, I just got here a couple days ago, expecting it to be hot and humid, but we came out for these first two practices and it's been pretty good.

One thing fans should know about me is that I love purple Gatorade. They have every color and flavor here, but some are better than others.

I don't feel thirsty, but team doctors have actually told me hydrate more, so after I get out of here I'm going to go knock a few Gatorades back before meetings. I tried the white Gatorade the other day, and I'm not sure what flavor that's supposed to be. It was all they had and it kind of freaked me out like, 'What? White?'

It looks like nasty stuff.

At the team hotel, I've been rooming with my boy Bacarri Rambo. We've been rooming since rookie minicamp at the hotel back in Ashburn, so it's no different rooming here.

He's a cool dude and the sky is the limit for the both us. I feel like we both have a lot of talent and that we both could eventually, someday, be on the field together making plays.

Lots of fans and media have talked about us competing against each, but I really feel like we can help each other. I don't feel like I'm directly competing against him, but it's a competition with all of the safeties.


Honestly, he and I play different positions, where I'm best suited to play strong and he plays free, so it's not even a direct competition. Of course we both want to perform better than everybody else.

At the end of the day, when we're all done with football for the day, he and I don't really do much except talk in the room. Really, I walk around the hotel. I know a couple guys that got their video games, but mostly we're just trying to get some rest.

It's a long day and really, we both just lay down, talk on the phone, text, look through all the social media, and of course joke around with each other. I talk mess to him or whatever. Really just trying to relax after a long day, just get your mind rejuvenated for another long day tomorrow.

Fans should know that they're feeding us well--very well, man. I came in Day 1 to grilled lobster tails. It's so much better than college. In college you get the cafeteria food, like chicken tenders, and just little nasty stuff.

I was pleasantly surprised here. I walked into lobster tails and I was like, 'Oh, let me get 10 of these.' But yeah, it's nice. They feed us well, they treat us well and the fans are great out here.

That's all for my first diary entry, but tweet your questions at me (@PhilMe16) so I can give you the scoop for next time. HTTR!




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