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Catch Joe Theismann In Hallmark Channel's 'Love On The Sidelines'


In the case that you might not be watching the Packers take on the Cardinals Saturday night (and let's be honest, there's a good chance considering you still have resentment from the outcome of last week's game), there is another viewing option for you tonight featuring a Redskins great.

Former quarterback Joe Theismann is due to star in the Hallmark Channel original movie “Love on the Sidelines,” playing Owen Holland, the father of an injured superstar quarterback (a perfectly cast part and one in which I'm sure he'll have some wisdom to share).

The movie, which stars John Reardon and Emily Kinney, centers on his son's personal assistant, Laurel, who helps him as he recovers, and soon something more blossoms. As the show's plot summary describes it, "things get even more complicated when employer and employee start to notice there's more to the other than meets the eye... and what they find is love on the sidelines."

So, basically, spoiler: it looks like a romance develops.

This isn't Theismann's first foray into acting. He appeared on an episode on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" a couple years ago and last fall made cameos on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

In an interview with Examiner, Theismann said he had a great time on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

"It's a little bit different paced because you're doing a series versus a movie," he said. "The producer, Dan Goor, called me and asked me to do it. You know, I played myself on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' and in this film I get to play Danny Holland's father."

Theismann said the role, playing a father whose son struggles with an injury, intrigued him mostly because of its personal nature.

"What is so interesting to me is the script," Theismann said. "My son was a championship quarterback and he hurts his ankle, and I can certainly relate to that situation. It was really a natural feel for me to be able to try to encourage him. What I do is try to get him ready to go forward, and be so proud of what he accomplishes. It's not a football movie. That's the neat thing about it. It's really a romantic comedy. And that's what Hallmark really is. They provide you with a good hour or hour and a half of feeling good in such a crazy world we live in. Beth [Beth Grossbard, producer] keeps saying I did a good job. I'm very self-critical. I was the same when I was broadcasting, and this a different venue. It's a whole different world. It was fun to do and everybody seems to be happy, and that's the important thing."

See for yourself at 9 p.m. ET on the Hallmark Channel. And, if you still want to watch football, there's always the DVR.




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