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Celebrate Matthew McConuaghey's Birthday With A Few Inspiring Videos

Today, Wednesday, Oscar-winning actor and Redskins fan Matthew McConaughey turned 46 years old.

If you remember his Oscar speech from 2014, this day is actually somewhat significant. McConaughey told the Academy that night that an important person once asked him who his hero was.

"It's me in 10 years," McConaughey told him.

Ten years later, when McConaughey was 25, the same person approached him and asked him if he had become a hero.

"Not even close," McConaughey responded.

The point being that he would never be a hero, that he would always be chasing one, the better version of himself 10 years down the road. So, maybe it's possible McConaughey was a hero to his 35-year-old self last year, but the actor himself made it clear, "I'm never going to be my hero…and that's just fine with me."

Well, to celebrate another 10 years of him trying to be his hero, The Redskins Blog compiled a couple of video clips of McConaughey, doling out knowledge and thumping his chest. 

After all, he did give the Redskins a pretty good talk before they beat the Eagles at the beginning of October. Probably because of all this practice…

Use this as fuel to get hyped for Sunday, too.

If you didn't catch McConaughey speak in Washington, D.C., about the Redskins, see the video below. 

He even reflects on his famous line, "Alright, alright, alright" while he filmed "Dazed and Confused." 




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