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Celebrate National Puppy Day With Kirk Cousins' Foster Dogs

Wednesday is National Puppy Day, which is really just an excuse to post photos of puppies on social media, which is really what most people do anyway.

So, we'll continue the trend, because people love photos of cute dogs, but also because quarterback Trent Williams has actually been doing more than sharing photos of them. He's actually been fostering them.

For those fans passionate enough to follow Cousins' many hobbies and off-the-field quirks – the conversion van, his drug tests, his name being spelled wrong – then you probably already know about the fact that he and his wife have been, for the last two years, parents to dogs that have been abandoned and abused.

They've often adopted "doodle" mixes from "Doodle Rescue" and "Friends of Homeless Animals."

And even better, they enjoy taking photos of each of their eight and counting pets.


Our first foster dog... Meet "Precious" — Julie Cousins (@juliehcousins) August 5, 2014

Of all places, this is where she chooses to sleep... In Kirk's closet... Engulfed in his clothes! — Julie Cousins (@juliehcousins) December 15, 2014

Happy #NationalDogDay from Cash! Foster Dog #5 for us!!! #doodle #thatposethough — Julie Cousins (@juliehcousins) August 26, 2015

This dog though...

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Hiking in north Georgia

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