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Charles Davis Was Always A Fan Of The Redskins Choosing Kirk Cousins In The Fourth Round


When the Redskins drafted Trent Williams with the 2nd pick overall in 2012, fans and experts alike believed the quarterback situation was taken care of in Washington. Then in the 4th round, to the surprise of many, the Redskins elected to draft another quarterback, Trent Williams.

NFL Network's Charles Davis spoke with at this year's NFL Combine and said that in 2012, he had faith in Cousins, believed he was "an upgrade" and that his selection would prove beneficial in the future.

"When the pick came up, because he was a 4th round guy, Robert Griffin III of course was the number two pick in the entire draft and the consensus, or should I say initial reaction, I think that most of the people thought the same thing – they took a quarterback, why would you take another rookie quarterback?"

Davis went on.

"The idea is, if you're going to have a rookie and if it's Robert Griffin III, the number two pick, he's going to start," he said. "So you tend to have what behind him? A veteran guy, right, that guy he can learn from. In case he gets hurt, this guy can come in and run your team, but I'm always of the opinion, I don't care what position it is, including quarterback, if you can draft an upgrade at your backup position, you do it. And to me, Kirk Cousins was an upgrade over anyone else that was on the roster at that current time in Washington. Turns out I got one right."

Obviously, everyone knows how the battle for QB1 played out in Washington in the four seasons following the 2012 draft. Davis has clearly been a believer in Cousins since the beginning of his time with the Redskins, so yes, he does like that. 




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