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Charles Tillman Thinks Josh Norman Should Have More Interceptions Next Year


If there is a place and atmosphere that Redskins cornerback Josh Norman feels at home, besides, of course, lining up against a wide receiver on the football field, it's being on camera.

Aside from his weekly duties throughout the year speaking with media members about upcoming opponents by his locker, Norman made news in training camp when FOX Sports announced he would be contributing on vacant Sundays for their FOX NFL Kickoff morning show. His personality complemented host Charissa Thompson, radio personality Colin Cowherd and former teammate with the Carolina Panthers, Charles Tillman, a role he found adapted to with ease.

Among the many players and celebrities walking around the George R. Brown convention center in Houston, Texas, was Tillman, who had the utmost praise for Norman's work on television.

"Josh is a pro at doing media stuff," Tillman said. "I was never worried about Josh and how he was going to do. He's got a face for TV he was made for the camera, a great entertainer, and knows what he is doing."

Norman and Tillman played one year together in Carolina in 2015 before Tillman retired and Norman signed with the Redskins several months later.

"I didn't worry about our chemistry," Norman said. "I feel like we are just both kind of battle tested. We're ready, we know how to do camera and media radio. I've been doing it longer but once you do two or three of them you know what you are doing. I don't think it's anything hard; it's just something you have to work at, like you do with anything to get better."

Tillman believes now that Norman is entering his second year in Washington , the continuity and the relative mental ease – not worrying about a contract, negotiations, moving locations – should help him feel more comfortable as he adjusts under new defensive coordinator Greg Manusky.

In their single season together, Tillman, who's ability to force fumbles earned the nickname the "Peanut Punch," spent time with the younger Panthers' corners teaching the technique.

"In practices and meetings I would talk about it a little and the guys would listen. We would go outside and practice and try to get better at it."

Norman certainly took notes and demonstrated what he learned on the field this season, forcing two fumbles in critical situations. He also collected three interceptions, two of which came against the Bears, but Tillman knows Norman could have had plenty more this past year, and is due to make them up in 2017.

"Yeah, him dropping all those damn interceptions he missed [surprised me]," Norman said. "As much as he used to work on catching footballs after practice, he sure did drop a lot. I was surprised that he dropped so many because I think he has good hands. Hopefully he can have more picks than he did this year."

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