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Chris Baker Introduces 'The Swaggy Melt' At Harris Teeter


Chris Baker made no qualifications about the signature sub he created, named and then promoted Monday afternoon at Harris Teeter in Reston, Va.

"It's probably the best sandwich that Harris Teeter has ever seen," Baker said. "Anytime you have a man that's 325 pounds plus, you're always going to make a great sandwich."

It was hard to argue with him after tasting "The Swaggy Melt," a cheese steak topped with white American cheese, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, jalapenos, onions, mayonnaise, steak sauce and a dash of salt and pepper on a white sub roll. Shoppers can make it a lunch pack for only $4.49.

"That's like my favorite sandwich," said Baker, who recorded a sack in the Redskins' 20-14 victory over the Giants Sunday. "Every time I go to Subway or something, I always get steak and cheese or the big Philly cheese steak. That's always my go-to sandwich when I'm hungry."

"You can't have no steak sandwich without steak sauce," he added. "It's not a true sandwich."

In between testing out his latest culinary concoction – he calls himself #ChefSwaggy after all – he signed autographs and newspapers, in which his photo was headlined, and posed for photos.

Baker tried "The Capital Roast" sandwich, named and created by his hometown buddy and teammate Terrance Knighton earlier in October. He said it was pretty good, "but not as good as 'The Swaggy Melt.'"

One thing is for sure. Baker will be bringing a batch to his defensive linemen soon so they can experience what a true steak sandwich tastes like.

"Without a question. I got a see what the guys think of my 'Swaggy Melt' and if they love it," Baker said. "Hopefully they can carry it around for a long time."




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