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Chris Baker Wants A Pro Bowl Season And That Means Hitting The Pool

Chris Baker is following up is career season – one in which he had six sacks on 53 tackles – by going twice as hard this offseason, literally.

Before and during spring workouts, Baker has traveled out to Prince George's County, Md., to continue his physically grueling regimen with longtime family friend and trainer Kelvin Moore, who has worked with Baker ever since he first started in the league.

After the final week of OTAs concluded on Thursday, the simple reaction would have been for Baker to take it easy at home and kick up his legs. But, judging by his schedule the last few months, or just a simple scroll through his Instagram, Baker hasn't settled for evening relaxation.

That much is true based on the most recent video he posted last night, featuring him in a pool with Moore in the background giving him some motivation. The exercises seem to be reliant on resistance training, helping Baker get the most out of his muscles, as opposed to just the most bulk.

"Well right now we're working on me just being more athletic and more mobile and being able to have functional strength," he told ESPN 980 last month. "I'm not really worried about lifting 300 or 400 pounds because I'm already as strong as I'm going to be, but as long as I can work on my athleticism and being mobile and being able to be flexible you know that's all I've been working on this offseason and it's been an incredible journey right now."

If anything, the video is a good reminder that athletes train really hard – how long could you last submerging that big weight 10 times in a row? – and that the best motivation is listening to your goals out loud.

"You said it, Pro Bowl season," Moore tells him. "They got you ranked in the Top 5 for a reason!"

Use this to get through your Friday. 




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