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Chris Cooley Sucks Up Helium, Calls The Miami Lateral Play

This past Sunday night, ESPN aired its third annual "Sport Science Newton Awards," hosted by John Brenkus. The show recognizes the top moments in sports from the scientific perspective and its awards – "Best Power Output," "Best Catch" -- are handed out based on the numbers, not subjective voters.

This year, Brenkus and the Sport Science team converted a luxury bus into a TV studio and traveled around the country to tape segments with athletes and former ones for the show.

While in San Francisco for the Super Bowl, they grabbed Chris Cooley off the street and put his announcing skills to the test by asking him to suck in some helium and call the crazy lateral touchdown Miami pulled off against Duke last season.

I'm not exactly sure why this took place considering this isn't very scientific and almost everyone who was in the third grade knows that helium makes your voice get higher.

Regardless, the result is, predictably, pretty funny.

"What a play!" Cooley says at the end with a hilarious, high-pitched voice.

Maybe he should review Redskins tape like this, too. 




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