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Chris Doleman Believes Joe Jacoby Belongs In The Hall Of Fame


Former Vikings defensive end Chris Doleman is no stranger to what it takes to join the Hall of Fame. After ending his career with 150 sacks, he ranks fourth in the NFL and was elected in 2012 to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

This year, the Washington Redskins' very own Joe Jacoby was named a finalist for the Hall of Fame for the second time.

Jacoby, along with Tony Boselli, are the only offensive tackles in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame finalist class of 2017. So when *Talk of Fame Network *asked Doleman which of his two past opponents should take the award, he stood by Jacoby.

"If I had to pick one," Doleman said, "I would go with Joe Jacoby. Just for the simple fact that Joe Jacoby lined up against Lawrence Taylor two times a year. When he played Dallas he always had to play either Charles Haley or one of the great defensive ends that were coming from that side of the ball."

Jacoby, one of the 80 Greatest Redskins, played every position but center during his 13-year career with the Redskins, but became one of the league's top left tackles despite head coach Joe Gibbs originally thinking he was best suited to play defense coming out of college.

Doleman recalls Jacoby as one of the more difficult pass protectors, and with reason.

"Joe Jacoby had a long body," Doleman said. "The guys who gave me the most trouble were very athletic guys. So you say, 'How is Joe Jacoby known as a very athletic guy?' Well, his feet and the way he kept his butt to the quarterback … it was the perfect position to keep  that defensive end trying to get him upfield and coming underneath or trying to get him down inside, close to that guard, and work around that corner. So his protection — and that type of protection — are very, very difficult to beat."

In addition, Jacoby's work as a right tackle helped pave the way to three Redskins Super Bowl victories.

"His works speak for themselves," Doleman said, "This is his 19th year of eligibility, and if we don't recognize him now when are we going to recognize him?"

We ask the same thing. The two-time first-team All-Pro appeared in 170 career regular season games with 148 starts. Jacoby has been a semifinalist seven times now and was a first-time finalist last year after making the cut to 10.

Doleman will have to wait until Feb. 4 to find out the answer to his question, when as many as five will be elected to the Hall in Houston. Is the second time the charm for Jacoby?

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