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Cousins vs. Rodgers: Next Gen Stats Video Breakdown

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, all things considered, and without previous years' comparison, has had another strong year for the Packers. Quarterback Trent Williams has had an even stronger one, especially in the last month of the season.

And while both racked up tons of passing yards this season, they each have different styles in attaining those yards.

NFL Next Gen Stats has a good explanation of this difference, first by examining the distance on the ground logged by each quarterback roaming around in the pocket and/or taking off with the ball downfield.

Rodgers has logged and average 15.76 yards, the highest distance travelled by a quarterback – often avoiding pressure and roaming behind the line of scrimmage to find an open man. Cousins meanwhile has the second lowest average, 7.8 yards, often firing off quick passes and staying tethered to the pocket.

That's explained even better in the next graphic, a launch chart of Week 17. Cousins goes 12/15 for 176 yards against the Cowboys, with every throw coming between the tackles.

On the other pole, and what has become his trademark in many ways, Aaron Rodgers threw 13 passes outside of the hash marks against the Vikings, a mixed product of a shaky offensive line and Rodgers' uncanny ability to throw darts in motion.

As is usually the case, this playoff game will come down to keeping quarterbacks upright and finding success in the run game just enough to aid play-action and boots against both defenses. 




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