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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gives His Redskins Draft Plan


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Diehard Redskins fan and NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt Jr. spoke to USA Today recently. A devoted follower of the team, he had some ideas about how the Redskins should draft Thursday night and into the weekend.

But, as you might have guessed based on numerous interviews Earnhardt has given, this isn't a typical celebrity fan spiel. He has some real ideas.

"Well, they need a safety. They need secondary help. And pass rush. They could use somebody who can come around off the end, get the QB. Offensive line, too, but I think you go defense early. Are they gonna trade back? I can see maybe a trade back, add a few picks, still get that pass rusher. It's a deep draft there, so I could see that. But maybe that offensive lineman, the one from Iowa (Brandon Scherff), he's a possibility. Play him at right tackle. Running back, depends on what happens there but you'd think that's a spot they might look later on. There's a lot to do, man, a lot to figure out but it's good to have that first-rounder there to work with. I don't know, man. I don't know. Gotta see how it all falls there in those first picks."

To be fair, he lists just about every position the Redskins need.

What do you think of his projections? You've got to see how it all falls in those first few picks, right?




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