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Darrell Green And Sean Taylor Part Of's 'Perfect Defensive Back'


If you were to design the perfect defensive back, how would you do it? What strengths would that cornerback or safety have to possess in order to have the capability of shutting down every running back, wide receiver and tight end that comes their way?

Recently, the NFL Network cast of "Good Morning Football" came up with their version of "Voltron" – to borrow a term from co-host Nate Burleson - and their perfect defensive back took the best parts of two former Redskins greats: Hall of Fame cornerback Darrell Green and the late Sean Taylor.

Peter Schrager picked Green's "legs." Schrager alluded to Green being one of the fastest men in the world when he was with Washington for those two decades.

"Apparently he [Green] ran a 4.18-40 [yard dash] in college; that was the rumor [that was] never confirmed," Schrager said. "Then, at the age of 50, Darrell Green came out there and he ran a 4.40-40."

Schrager pointed out how Green was such a mainstay over the years in Washington, to the point where the Redskins could just plug other talented pieces in around him, and he'd raise them up to the level where he was at.

"They had so many young corners over the times there," Schrager said. "There was Shawn Springs, and there was Sean Taylor, and then, of course, you had Fred Smoot. Darrell Green was always at one cornerback spot, and they'd just replenish the guy who'd be the next young one."

"Darrell Green, Super Bowl champion. He's one of the greatest to ever play the game," Schrager said. "If we're going legs, Darrell Green is my pick. A lot of fast cornerbacks, [but] Darrell Green was the fastest."

Burleson decided to stay with the old-school Redskins theme and take Taylor's "spirit." Burleson's perfect defensive back has to have heart, will and determination, all of which Taylor had when he roamed the defensive backfield.

"You want to talk about a guy who plays with passion, you have to talk about Sean Taylor," Burleson said.

Burleson shared a pretty cool personal story about Taylor, and one of the times he faced him when he played. Burleson said he took out all stops to avoid the locomotive that was Taylor.

"I hit the sideline, [and] he's barreling down at me like a train off the tracks," Burleson said. "We made eye contact, and right before I decided to take this hit, I just scooted out of bounds. I didn't want to take it. It's the first time I went out of bounds, the first and only time. He laughed at me. He said, 'Hey Nate, you better take this hit!' I looked at him like, 'Man it's you! [Are] you crazy?'"

"That's my guy for my pick," Burleson said. "My spirit, my heart, Sean Taylor. Rest in peace man, we miss you."

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