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Dashon Goldson Hung Out With A Giraffe And Talked About The State Of The NFL

Sometimes things are juxtaposed against each other that don't make much sense, but you go with them.

That's what it seemed like was happening when Redskins safety Dashon Goldson was asked to join Complex Media at the San Francisco Zoo last Saturday to feed and meet some animals before discussing football safety.

Goldson seems a little bored by the zookeeper at first and then gets to hand a head of lettuce to a giraffe. He also meets a ruffed lemur named Tapatillo. Goldson thinks the VIP tour was awesome, for what it's worth.

Then they get to some football questions. Specifically, the host, Alex Hudgens, begins a series of player safety questions with Goldson (though, I wish we could have seen Goldson feed more animals).

"The league is changing a lot, "Goldson said. "Whether it's tackling, what's a catch, you can't hit quarterbacks a certain way. There's a lot of rules players have to adapt to. There's rules these guys come up with every now and then to make the game safe.

"I don't think it's really getting any safer for the simple fact that they don't want any guys to get hit a certain way or hit up high by the neck, but we're losing our key players in the league from guys going low and blowing out their knees and ending their career. What would you rather have? A guy having a headache, or a guy having a season-ending injury? It's kind of tough."

Hudgens asks how we fix it, and Goldson gives a response likely not to be taken seriously by the league.

"I think the fans love the game as it is. I think us, as players, love the game as it is. I don't think players are actually the ones complaining about it. What can we do? Take the helmets off, put the leather helmets back on?"




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