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Dashon Goldson 'Looked Up To' Sean Taylor

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Dashon Goldson, the newest addition to the Redskins secondary, never had the opportunity to play with or against Sean Taylor in the NFL. But he did watch him play.

That was all Goldson needed to find an identity. Making an appearance on "Redskins Nation," the safety told Larry Michael, Voice of the Redskins, that Taylor's style of play is something he'll mimic and continue to make a priority.

"Just playing the position, you know. He was an enforcer, and I always looked up to him." Goldson said of Taylor. "For the guys I paid attention to, it was definitely him. Bob Sanders [too] when he was in there…Brian Dawkins. So, a lot of guys who set the tone at the position, and he was one of the main guys who was always making the noise."

Goldson has carried the hard-hitter label around with him for the entirety of his career. It can be a stigma, especially nowadays in the NFL, but Goldson has always believed in that specific physical aspect of the game, even as he has tried making more efforts to improve his tackling technique.  

Now, he's looking forward to bringing his skills to Sean Taylor's "playground," the term he used when he tweeted about his excitement to join the Redskins.

"I was a physical guy at a young age so I always try to be that enforcer back there," Goldson said. "When I figured out I was going to be here, that was one of the things I wanted to get off my chest is pay my respects to a guy who came in here and did tremendous things in this league and definitely at the position for this organization. So, I want to make sure the fans understand my mindset coming in here and being on this defense is definitely going to be setting the tone for sure – enforcing that. There isn't any walkthroughs here, do you know what I am saying? I definitely wanted to get my point across and definitely just reach out to the fans and let them know what it's going to be like."




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