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Dashon Goldson Reflects On His Childhood Music Aspirations


Music has always been a big part of safety Dashon Goldson's life.

That much is clear in his Player’s Tribune article from a couple of weeks ago, when he chose seven songs that he would put on his playlist. He wrote at least a few paragraphs on each song, and provided a window into his musical taste and ambitions.  

"Growing up, me and my two younger brothers thought we were going to be the next Another Bad Creation, the next Kris Kross, the next Immature," he wrote. "My mom had us set. I mean, I don't think I can stress enough how hip we really were. We had the Gumby haircuts — you know where it's cut and faded to the side? The whole deal.

"And if the ABC guys are reading, I'm still waiting for reunion. Call me. I'll be ready."

This past week, he re-affirmed that specific childhood on the Jim Rome Show, when he told the host more about growing up and wanting to emulate the child rappers of his day.

"We used to be little fly kids," he said. "My mom used to put us in those clothes -- it was just the fashion that was going on at that time. And they were a hot group. They used to put on little baseball jerseys and stuff like that. We were into music, me and my brothers at a young age, we were always into music. We used to imitate guys. We had some fun times."

As for whether he would have kept up a rapping career, Goldson quickly defused any speculation.

"I don't think I was a record-dropper kind of guy," he said. "I was more of an athlete."

Though, have you seen his car collection? It could easily pose as a music superstar's.

"I have a Jaguar and I kind of customize it a little bit I love the way it rides," Goldson told Rome last year. "I can use to for luxury or a sports car, whatever it is, it's just got that feeling, you get behind that wheel."




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