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DeAngelo Hall Is Becoming That Really Proud Sports Dad


DeAngelo Hall's kids are growing up, which means that, naturally, they're either beginning to be involved in sports or they're already excelling in them.

We Ready!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

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Hall is coaching his twin boys’ tee-ball team, ironically called the Twins, but, as he enjoys the luxuries of the offseason, his dedication as father extends to attending the games and practices of all of his children. He also enjoys posting these trips to his social media accounts, demonstrating just how proud he is.

Besides tee-ball, his twin boys are also taking some martial arts classes. His daughter is involved gymnastics. And his oldest son is raking on the diamond.

This we know for a fact based on Hall's two videos (I guess he couldn't upload it all at once) of his son, Tyrel, hitting an inside the park grand slam. This is what happens when you have good genes, I suppose. You pass them on and see if they get better, and they apparently seem to be doing so.

Hall later posted a Facebook clipping of his Tyrel's name describing the game, elevating Hall from proud dad to potentially embarrassing one, at least online.

While Hall may chew out some officials on the gridiron during the middle of a game, may he never cross dad-fan boundaries with an umpire – in tee-ball or high school baseball.

We know who would probably win though. 




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