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Derek Carrier Explains How To Throw Down The Perfect Spike

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There are your average spikes that go unnoticed, and then there are those that combine power, angle and aggression for a celebration that is pure gold.

For Washington Redskins tight end Derek Carrier, his was the latter in his very first touchdown for the burgundy and gold, scored in the second quater of Week 5's game against the Atlanta Falcons.

It was also the very first touchdown of his career.

"I wasn't thinking about it too much," Carrier admitted. "It's just what came to mind at the moment and I was just like, 'I'm gonna spike this ball as hard as I can.' That was about it."

And if given the opportunity, he'd "probably do it again."

So how does one get such a glorious spike to work?

"If you want to get some height off the rebound, you have to grip it like middle of the ball, so it hits flush on the ground so it bounces straight up," Carrier said. "Otherwise if you hit a tip, it might just go bouncing in any direction. But yeah, get right in the middle of it. Try to throw it straight down."

Good advice.




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