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DeSean Jackson Enjoying Responsibilities Of Fatherhood

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson's primary focus this last week has been on returning to the football field in hopes to finally suit up and play ever since injuring his hamstring during the team's Week 1 game against the Dolphins.

But, because his girlfriend gave birth to a son last week, naturally, he's had to shift some of his attention to his newborn, DeSean Jackson Jr. It's made sleep a little bit hard to come by these days.

"[A] little bit, trying to do the best I can," Jackson said. "But it's awesome. It's a blessing having my son here so I can focus on being a professional athlete and being a dad at the same time. So it's good."

It's always challenging to raise a newborn baby in the middle of the season, but Jackson says he is up for the challenge.

"Being a father is an awesome feeling," Jackson said. "Healthy little boy, and just really spending time with him and seeing him grow. At the same time I'm doing that and still trying to go out there and be able to play at a high level and get back to playing at a high level. All in one, it's a lot on the plate, but I'm a professional."  




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