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DeSean Jackson Explains Reasoning Behind Caution Tape Cleats


Before and during the Redskins' 31-20 victory over the Browns, wide receiver Jamison Crowder wore special-made blue and white cleats that featured yellow caution tape line designs on them in order to continue the national conversation regarding unarmed African Americans being killed by police officers.

"I felt like I needed to do it," Jackson said after the game. "I felt like I've been silent long enough. There are bigger problems out there in the community, in our society, type of situations where people are losing their life, families, [stuff] like that. Little kids going home and not having their parents there because of crazy things going on. So as far as the response, whatever the response is, that's what it is. I felt that it was time for me to make a stance."

Last week, Jackson was among four Redskins players that raised their fist in the air during the National Anthem, a form of protest that began last month when Colin Kaepernick refused to stand with his teammates during the song. Jackson said that he's spoken with players throughout the week, and that he's wanted their message to be united without standing out individually.

Before Sunday's game, Jackson and the Washington Redskins released statements regarding his decision to wear the cleats.

"Today is the start of my attempts to be part of a solution and start dialogue about the senseless killings of both citizens and police," Jackson's statement read. "I have chosen to wear these cleats in pregame today to use my platform as a pro athlete to add to this discussion. This isn't meant to be any kind of protest against the good men and women in law enforcement in this country. I just want to express my concern in a peaceful and productive way about issues that are currently impacting our country."

The Redskins supported Jackson's efforts to continue the conversation: "We stand in support of both DeSean and the law enforcement community. We have great respect for law enforcement and the sacrifices they make each and every day to protect and serve our communities. We continue to have open dialogue with our players about issues that are important to them and support their efforts to bring awareness to those issues when done in a responsible manner."

Check out images of the Washington Redskins warming up on the field prior to their 2016 Week 4 matchup against the Browns Oct. 2, 2016, at FedExField.

Jackson finished with one catch for five yards against the Browns, but was targeted twice on two deep throws that both ended in defensive pass interference penalties, which totaled 71 total yards.

After the game, he described more about his intentions wearing the cleats.

"Just felt it was important to me on my behalf. Just something I felt from my heart," Jackson said. "I just want to shed light to the families, to the victims out there that have lost loved ones. It's not anti-police, it's not like I don't like police, it has nothing to do with that. The problem is bigger than that. I guess that's what it takes for me to get that much awareness, but that's not the problem. The problem is in the inner cities, in the community, and we need to find out a solution so we can go into the community to help kids. They're killing on each other. It has nothing to do with message being out there to be said, that this person in that position, you're able to go do things. You want to shed light; you want to get things out there. As far as me, I go out there to communities, I do things with the kids, and things like that.

"It's just that nature, it's a tough situation to build on in society, so we'll figure out a solution. In the organization, we're doing things on our end to get out there, to get in the community, to talk to these kids. If it's talking to police too, to help kids, whatever it is, we need to find a solution."

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