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DeSean Jackson Has A Personalized Redskins Scoot-E-Bike

Got my Redskins @ScootEBike #Raytroniks #ScootEBike 💯💯

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Remember last year when a majority of Redskins players got their own hover board? Position groups were each sent their own in boxes and had fun rolling around on them during training camp, before and after games and into the facility during practice weeks.

Then, of course, the excitement for them waned once reports surfaced about their penchant for catching on fire and becoming dangerous little machines. They also became fodder for the internet, like when Mike Tyson took a heavy spill falling off balance. I'm sure some players still use them, but the potential for disaster seems like a heavy detractor nowadays.

Redskins wide receiver Jamison Crowder, typically on the forefront of new west coast product launches, may have a solution to fill the hover board void: the Scoot-E-Bike.

Undoubtedly given a custom-made product to promote it on his Instagram, Jackson posed for a photo straddling his latest transportation gadget – a personalized No. 11 motorized scooter from the company Raytroniks.

The company has also promoted a regular Redskins-colored bike on their own Instagram. To my best knowledge, it seems less dangerous -- there's a seat, there's handlebars, there's some foot stands, there's two wheels. Balance doesn't seem to be an issue this time. And it does seem like a lot of fun.

I'm not exactly sure if this would be used in the same capacity as the hoverboard, or if it's purpose is meant strictly for the beach boardwalk or skate park. The company's website says the new, innovative scooter is for "office staff, students, short trips, shopping, every day commute."

Alfred Morris rode his bike to Redskins Park, but I'm not sure the latter is really an option (and I can't imagine somebody shopping with this -- either riding into a store, or carrying backs on the handle bars).

But that remains to be seen at least until a couple more weeks, when players have the option to start workouts at Redskins Park. We'll just have to see if this L.A.-based transportation can scoot its way into having a temporary impact in Ashburn, Va.




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