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Doug Williams Pays Tribute To Jim Vance With Gift For His Family


The entire Washington, D.C. region mourned the passing of Jim Vance -- a broadcasting legend and titan of the industry -- over the weekend after a prolonged battle with cancer.

To make sure his memory was not forgotten so quickly, especially this week with the start of training camp, the Washington Redskins decided to provide another tribute to Vance and his family on Thursday.

As the 2017 season officially commenced and the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center opened its doors to Richmond fans, Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Williams stopped by the NBC-4 tent with a bag in his hand and gift to hand off.

Speaking with Carol Maloney, Williams presented her a customized Jim Vance burgundy No. 4 jersey, which she will present to the Vance family later.

"You just wish that you can hand it to him in person," Williams told Maloney, on the verge of tears.

"You think about Vance and I think about another good friend of mine, George Michael, and those two guys for me in this town, this area, was heart and soul for me."

As the Redskins extended a search to fill a front office position, Williams remembered what Vance, who emceed his annual football event each March, said to him that night.

"The first thing he said was, 'The guy that we need is in this room.'"

"I texted him on July the fourth, wishing him a great day," Williams said of his final message with Vance. "He texted me back 'You too, my brother.' It's just tough when you lose someone like Vance, and I can imagine what it's like at the station, but not only station, but in this area.

"Nobody's done as much for this community," he added. "He was on that TV every day but he had so much respect around the DMV…and every word that came out of his mouth meant something to somebody."

Vance was a Redskins fan in his own right, and has reflected on his long history following the team in documentaries and news features over the course of his long career. After the Redskins won their third Super Bowl in 1992, Vance wore a leather Redskins jacket that many joked about with its colors and design.

"[The jersey] might replace his jacket," Williams said, "but nobody can replace Vance."

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