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Drake Really Liked Will Blackmon's Instagram Video

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Drake released his new music video today for "Hotline Bling."

The internet then did what the internet does, which is morph it into something else entirely. Redskins cornerback Will Blackmon is one of the people that has contributed to this.

In the video, Drake performs a variety of subtle dance moves in a room whose walls turn different colors.

Blackmon, like many fans did today, isolated part of his dancing and put some salsa music to accompany the mostly morose song. The change of pace, however, syncs perfectly to Drake's moves.

So Drake, purveyor of social media and all things himself, saw Blackmon's creation…"and that can only mean one thing."

He re-posted the video to his own Instagram account.

That's both an endorsement and a minor achievement, considering Drake has 14.4 million followers.

Maybe Drake should consider real dance lessons. I'm sure Kyshoen Jarrett could help.



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