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EA Sports Releases Ratings For All 31 First-Round Draft Picks


During his time at TCU, wide receiver Josh Doctson looked like a video game character out on the field, with a lot of catches that defied the laws of gravity.

In honor of Doctson and the other 30 first-round draft picks from the 2016 NFL Draft, EA Sports announced their Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), and gave each of the players a Speed Rating, an Agility Rating and an Overall Rating.

Naturally, EA Sports went in draft order with the MUT, with Doctson coming at No. 22, where the Washington Redskins drafted him. They gave him an overall rating of 80, with a Speed Rating of 92, and an Agility Rating of 94.

Let's compare Doctson's ratings to the other three wide receivers taken in the first round – the Browns' Corey Coleman, the Texans' Will Fuller and the Vikings' LaQuan Treadwell.

Coleman got the highest overall rating of the group with an 82. He also came in with the highest Speed rating (96) and Agility rating (96). Like Doctson, Fuller and Treadwell got overall ratings of 80, with Fuller getting a Speed rating of 96 and an Agility rating of 95. Treadwell got a Speed rating of 88, and an Agility rating of 92.

EA Sports also gave us a sneak peek as to what each draftee will look like in their teams' new uniforms on Madden NFL 16. Doctson looks great in a Redskins' uniform as he extends for the catch (although the game will need a software update in order to get him the correct jersey number, which is 18, not 9).




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