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Fan Abroad Remembers The Redskins' Only Trip To London


While some Redskins players had mixed feelings about heading to London next year, fans in the U.K. had reason to celebrate.

It was announced on Wednesday that the team will play the Bengals on Oct. 30 at Wembley Stadium and have the possibility of playing the Rams the week before at Twickenham Stadium. It would be the first ever regular season game played by the Redskins in England.

But the team has played in London before, in a preseason game against the 49ers in 1992, more than many young fans, including this writer, can remember. For those diehard Redskins fans living in the U.K. for their entire lives, the memories of that game still remain as poignant and strong as ever.

At least they were for David Morris, who lives eight hours from London near Glasgow, and remembers the game like it was yesterday.

Through a correspondence, Morris explained that he was part of a U.K. Redskins fan group, which had organized tickets in advance.

"For many of us it was the first time we had met, as this predates email, Facebook and smartphones by some way," he wrote.

A Redskins fan during the heyday of the 1980s and early 1990s, Morris remembers walking around London in his full Redskins garb, hearing other fans shouting "Hail To The Redskins,"  and later singing it in the stands with a hearty section of 60 people, who had received all the song lyrics by the group's organizer.

"No doubt there were many neutrals in the stadium that day, but both the Redskins and 49ers were hugely popular, so there was plenty of burgundy and gold around, and lots of vocal support for the team," Morris wrote.  "I recall after that, Joe Gibbs called a flea flicker play at one point which wasn't even in the play book for that day, just because the team wanted to give them something fun to shout about. And we did!"

While the Redskins lost on a late field goal, Morris is now more eager than ever to attend next year's game(s), if only because they will count for something. He's already planning to bring four or five friends who he plays fantasy football with to the see it in person.

"It will bring greater meaning for teams and fans alike, and I'd like to think that there will be thousands of Redskins fans in the stadium," he wrote. "So while the game might be away from home, it will have plenty of support. I'm sure that having regular season games makes a difference to fan and media interest, and it will help to win the next generation of football fans."




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