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Film Breakdown: Cooley Analyzes Jackson And Blackmon

Chris Cooley highlighted two big plays in the Redskins 20-14 victory over the Giants.

The first belongs to wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who raced through coverage down field and beat both cornerback Jayron Hosley and safety Brandon Meriweather.

Cooley is particularly impressed with Cousins' pass, which exceeds 50 yards in the air and explains how this play only works with someone like Jackson, who has incredible speed and can rely on outracing the coverage against him.

Cooley also gives his analysis on the Will Blackmon interception, Eli Manning's second of the day that was aided by strong pressure and a hard hit from saftey Kyshoen Jarrett.

Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan initially forced Manning out of the pocket and to his right, which gave Jarrett, the only safety at the time, the confidence to shade the left side of the field.  Wide receiver Dwayne Harris tried to run a wheel route, but Backmon's coverage remained tight and Jarrett delivered his blow at the perfect time while the ball was jostled in the air.

"Did anyone teach Will Blackmon to run with the football?" Cooley asks jokingly after the play finishes and Blackmon attempts to gain some extra yardage.

It's probably the only thing that doesn't go according to the Redskins' plan in that play. 




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