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Five Faves Of '15: Redskins Dance Moves


-- Kevin Durant Always Believed In The Redskins...And Knows
-- Those Preseason Predictions Of The Redskins Didn't Come True

The Redskins had a lot of stuff to remember in 2015.

Now that we've reached the last week of the year, the Redskins Blog will select its favorite things from Redskins fans, players, coaches and team personnel over the last 12 months.

We'll start off with our five favorite Redskins dance moves.

1. The Dab

Maybe the dance move of the NFL season, if we're being honest, the Dab stole our hearts, made us laugh and made us shake our heads. After quarterback Cam Newton helped put it on the map, lots of other players began using it to celebrate – after sacks, after touchdowns, after wins.

For the Redskins, it caught on all the way to the top.

2. The Milly Rock

The dance move became synonymous with defensive lineman Chris Baker, who has collected five sacks this season, which is to say he's danced the Milly Rock five times on game day. Of course, he's also done it plenty of times at practice, too.  

3. The Peanut Butter & Jelly

This is a longtime staple of defensive lineman Ricky Jean Francois, a dance he performed at the end of a long and gruling training camp for the fans. Sure, it's a throwback song, but only he can pull off a jig like this. And yes, he pulls it off well. And yes, he loves the sandwich just as much. 

4. The "Remember The Titans"

At the Redskins 54th Welcome Home Luncheon, the defensive linemen decided to get creative, mimicking the T.C. Williams High School football team's introduction to the field.

"I, I, I feel….I feel good."

5. The Whip/Nae-Nae

Remember this dance? Once a contender to win 2015 as the most danced to song of the year, the Dab swooped in and overshadowed it. But for a while, especially over the summer, Silento's head-bopper was all the rage. Fullback Darrel Young was also its biggest champion on the Redskins, while defensive coordinator Joe Barry still needs some work. 

Honorable Mention:

You just have to give it up for this guy. After the Redskin beat the Giants at FedExField, he couldn't help but show his excitement in ways he probably never thought possible until that very moment. His energy is contagious, even if his rhythm is just slightly off. 




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