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Five Faves Of '17: Player Tweets


The Redskins had a lot of stuff to remember in 2017.

Now that the season has come to a close, the Redskins Blog will select its favorite things from Redskins fans, players, coaches and team personnel over the last 12 months.

We'll continue with our five favorite player tweets of the year. 1. The Comparison

This tweet was more than a year ago, but it started the 2017 calendar year with the understanding that Trent Williams would try to express more of his unique self on social media. Around the time of the College Football National Championship, which featured Alabama (who ended up losing to Clemson), Cousins posted a comparison high school photo between himself and Crimson Tide running back Bo Scarbrough. Headlines such as "Kirk Cousins Won The Internet" emerged the next day, championing the quarterback's quirks and frailty beside Scarbrough's gargantuan figure.

2. The Mongolian Beef 

Appropriately ribbed by his teammates for this promotional tweet, tight end Vernon Davis usually brings theatrics to videos he posts to Twitter. Here, Davis shares his love for Mongolian Beef in about six seconds that would have definitely been a Vine had the platform still been around. Other Redskins players took screen shots of the video, highlighting Davis's bulging eyeballs at the end of the video. It's SO GOOD!!!

3. The Clapback

This tweet is personal for the Redskins digital and PR team. Football fans can often be inconsiderate on Twitter for a variety of reasons, and in this case, a couple of fans were annoyed that the Redskins account tweeted some individual statistics of Chris Thompson, leading the league in a variety of impressive categories. Thompson saw this and came to the digital team's defense, explaining that it was the players' and coaches' jobs to worry about winning, not them. For those reading, this is always the case. The next time you ask the Redskins Twitter account why the Redskins aren't performing to your liking, just know that that job isn't the social media coordinator's responsibility. Thanks, Chris.

4. The Cousins Mixup

There's only one other major professional athlete with the last name Cousins whose first name isn't Kirk. That would be DeMarcus Cousins, forward for the New Orleans Pelicans. Although, according to a newspaper that Kirk found, that may not be the case. No, Kirk was not ejected for raising his elbows near Russell Westbrook's face, but that would have been something. It's hard to know exactly how this mistake happened, but maybe Kirk and DeMarcus can get together this offseason and laugh about it. Maybe they can invite their cousins to come, too.

5. The Gerry Bertier

In "Remember The Titans," Coach Herman Boone begins speaking to Gerry Bertier as though he's preparing for his funeral. "Coach, I'm injured, I'm not dead," Bertier tells his coach, which makes Boone realize that his star defensive player should still be treated as a member of the team. That's how linebacker Will Compton felt when an interview with Ryan Kerrigan in front of Compton's locker suggested he wasn't part of the Redskins anymore. The quick-thinking movie quote from Compton is one of his best, causing Kerrigan to start laughing and pause his answer. We will always remember this one.

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