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Five Faves Of '17: Redskins Celebration GIFS


The Redskins had a lot of stuff to remember in 2017.

Now that the season has come to a close, the Redskins Blog will select its favorite things from Redskins fans, players, coaches and team personnel over the last 12 months.

We'll continue with our five favorite Redskins celebration GIFS.

1. The Jim Tomsula

Ok, so this isn't exactly a celebration. Well, on second thought, this is probably in the ballpark of a celebration for defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. His facial expressions and pep talks on the sideline became constant fodder for everyone following the Redskins this year, specifically because of his unique vocabulary and way of expressing thoughts. He likes the word "Bludgeon," for starters. This particular interaction took place during the Redskins' dominance over the Raiders. Everybody did indeed eat that Sunday night. 

2. The Lanier Skip

It's a rare thing when a defensive lineman can skip so effortlessly. The childhood-activity-turned-dance-move came after Lanier recorded a sack against Giants quarterback Eli Manning and it's such a joyous expression of his accomplishment. Lanier has a specific name for this dance ( staff members cannot remember the name, unfortunately) and it's clear he practiced this before debuting it on Thanksgiving. The wrist roll chicken wing move at the end seals the deal.

3. The Sprinkle

It took a while – all the way until New Orleans – but tight end Jeremy Sprinkle finally made good on his last name. After catching his first touchdown pass of the season in the corner of the end zone, Sprinkle dropped the football and made a hand gesture as though he were dousing sprinkles onto it. The celebration continued onto the sideline and this time left tackle Trent Williams got involved, mimicking the sprinkle motion from below. They seem like they are really having a fun time doing the gesture. Williams has such a big smile on his face. Hopefully they can do that more next season.

4. The Vernon Free Throw

This is not exactly a new creation, but the Redskins finally performed a team celebration near the end of the year and let Vernon Davis do what he does best. Though, Davis didn't get to take his typical jump shot. With everyone crowding around the free throw line, Davis had to make sure he didn't put his feet too far over the imaginary charity stride. What's really important is Jeremy Sprinkle and Arie Kouandjio boxing out with real authority. You need your teammates to sell the skit, and they were up to the task.

5. The Big Man Spike

Running back Rob Kelley pounded in a one-yard touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys but wanted to thank his right tackle for the help. So he motioned him to the back of the end zone, gave Morgan Moses the scoring football and let him spike it into the ground. It's not exactly every day that an offensive lineman gets to spike a football after a score, so Moses took advantage with an emphatic one. Because of the spike, it's also now apparent that Moses is left-handed. The more you know.

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