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Former Redskin Andre Carter Back In School At Cal


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Former Redskins defensive end Andre Carter is back around the game that he loves two seasons after calling it a day on his professional career.

Returning to the University of California, Berkley, Carter is now a student assistant coach for the football program and is enrolled as an undergraduate student to pursue a bachelor's degree in American Studies.

"It's just something I want to finish and solidify is earning that degree [and] having that plaque on my wall in my home," Carter told "And just showing my son that your dad played at a great college, but I also finished what I started."

Carter jumped right back into his studies by taking three summer classes in the summer, admitting "it was a 100 MPH."

"I wasn't necessarily intimidated, but I tell you what, one thing that was an eye-opening experience was just the workload, because everything, the materials was so condensed," he said. "I'd say the first four weeks were great, but then when it came down to finals and doing papers, I think I got an average of maybe three to four hours sleep at night. Then, in addition to that, going home on the weekends to see my wife and my son, yeah, that was pretty taxing. But in the end, I did it and I was pretty successful and I passed my courses."

Carter played five seasons with the Redskins (2006-10) where he recorded 186 tackles, 34 sacks and eight fumbles forced.




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