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Gabe Miller Brings Back Trick Shot Tuesday

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One of linebacker Gabe Miller's hobbies was heading to a nearby gym or court and videotaping himself with some buddies making basketball trick shots.

He called it Trick Shot Tuesday.

Over the last two years he got pretty good at them, too, inventing new shots and tailoring specific tricks around the geography of the given court's environment. He would then post the best ones -- a quick compilation of swishes and ricochets -- to Instagram.

Some of the best included shots from an SUV moon roof, an indoor water park and a highway overpass. The diversity of hoops was equally admirable.

These kinds of videos got extremely popular on Youtube, but Miller, thanks largely to the fine camerawork, never doctored any of his shots (so we believe).

And now, after a seven-month absence, Miller is back with another installment of Trick Shot Tuesday.

We're glad it's back, mostly so we can see that Miller still has the same touch.

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