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Garçon Still Confident In Recovery Process


Redskins receiver Pierre Garçon was a key offseason acquisition, despite being sidelined for half of the first six games in Washington.

Still nursing a bothersome foot injury sustained in Week 1, Garçon addressed the media Wednesday regarding his plans to return.

"It's just part of football," Garçon said.  "You've got to be out there, injuries happen and you can't cry about it because injuries happen every day.  You can't really put all the frustration on yourself, because it happens."

Garçon admitted his frustration with the rehab process, but said he respects the careful approach taken by head coach Mike Shanahan and the team's training staff. 

"As a player you always want to go out there," Garcon said.  "Even when you know you're not 100 percent, you still want to go out there and help the team.  You still think somehow you can fight through it, but I wasn't being very productive injured so coaches made a decision and you've got to live with it."

Garçon did not practice on Wednesday and was given a shot to alleviate the pain in his foot.  He held off the practice fields on Thursday and has been given no timetable set for his full return. 

Shanahan explained that Garçon's status is still unclear. The only goal now is to get him healthy.

"He is sore right now. We want to get him well," Shanahan said.  "I told him to do whatever he can do. If he needs to rest, rest. Whatever he can do to get him ready to play.

"Right now he is sore, obviously it's very painful. Hopefully it will get well soon."

Garçon has the team's only 100-yard receiving performance for the Redskins this season, despite playing only eight snaps against New Orleans.

Since then, he has appeared in a limited role in Weeks 4 and 5, before being ruled in active against the Vikings on Sunday. 

"It's just the competitiveness," he said.  "You want to feel good, you think you're 100 percent, you think you're close to it, you think you're effective, but as you can see on tape and as coaches saw, they say it wasn't ready or it was too soon."

Garçon has begun using special inserts in his shoes to take pressure off the injured toes.  Shanahan classified him as a long-shot to play Sunday, but refused to rule him out.

In the meantime, everyone is simply waiting for No. 88 to return to his spot the starting lineup.

"It does [stink] not being able to play, but you can't just sit around and mope," Garçon said.  "This is a very mental game; if you're mentally ahead of the game you can do anything. 

"It's just the mental part of being mentally strong whenever I get back out there."




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