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Gerald McCoy Won't Soon Forget Trent Williams's Toughness


According to Gerald McCoy, credit is due to the big guys around the league.

The eight-year defensive tackle recently took to The Players' Tribune, a blog featuring stories from a myriad of skilled athletes, to praise some of the toughest offensive linemen he has ever faced during his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

McCoy begins his blog comparing himself to Batman; an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things, but then quickly jumps into those hard-hitters he remembers most. First on his list: Washington Redskins offensive tackle Trent Williams.

"I don't even think he's human," McCoy writes. "He must be some kind of mutant or something. He's got a big, wide body, really long arms and big, strong hands. When you're going up against him, if he gets his hands on you, you're in trouble, man."

Williams and McCoy both attended Oklahoma and first met on the Sooners' practice field. McCoy recounts one of their first interactions, when Williams challenged him to a sprint race.

"So all the linemen get on the line and race…and Trent beats everybody," McCoy said. "Leaves most guys in the dust."

McCoy said he was blown away by how fast Williams was at such a heavy weight. According to him, Williams came in to Oklahoma at 330 pounds. He said there's no doubt Williams is faster after losing weight when he started training in the NFL.

McCoy described Williams' blocking style as unique. Instead of coming hot off the line and hitting hard on first contact, he uses his basketball skills to mirror the movements of the defense. He won't mow people over on the line, he just keeps them out of the way.

McCoy said that all changes once Williams gets into the open field. When Williams blocks on plays like screens, he said, that's when players should look out.

"Man, I feel bad for some of them dudes in the secondary when they see Trent coming," McCoy said. "He's a freight train."

The Buccaneers and Redskins have only faced each other three times since Williams and McCoy were drafted in 2010. McCoy said in each of those contests, he never saw much of Williams, which was alright by him.

"I've only really gone against him on double teams or when he comes out on a scoop block or something," McCoy said. "Which is cool with me, because I dealt with him enough at OU. Now, I try to avoid him at all costs."

McCoy also named Dallas's Zac Martin, Baltimore's Marshal Yanda, Oakland's Kelechi Osemele, and retired players Davin Joseph and Carl Nicks as the toughest offensive linemen he's ever faced.

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